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We offer camera systems as a complete service, making it easy and effortless to acquire and maintain cameras. The service package covers the development, modification, delivery, installation, support and maintenance of the camera system. 

Customer Orientation

Good and reliable service makes cooperation comfortable and uncomplicated.

Quick Response

Customer service resolves problems quickly and efficiently.


Versatile expertise finds solutions outside the box.

Support And Maintenance

Our Maintenance and Support Service assists the supplier of the camera system by answering technical and practical questions. This far we have handled up to 98% of support services by phone. Thanks to the service, the use, maintenance and upkeep of the camera system is worry-free and any problem situations are resolved smoothly.


We offer maintenance and support service for a 12-month contract period or according to a separate agreement.

Installation and User Training

We provide installation instructions with the camera system, which are in PDF format on the tablet-display placed in the cab of the crane. In cases where a ready to use camera system is desired, we will install the products on lifting machines. At the same time, the functionality of the camera system is tested and the crane user is instructed in the use and control of the cameras.


We are constantly developing new solutions for smoother crane work.

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