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Camera Systems For Cranes

Developed And Assembled In Finland

Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless and movable camera systems for cranes.

Everywhere In Scandinavia

Development and assembly is based in Finland, operating area is Scandinavia.

Custom Development

Products are developed for specific needs in cooperation with the customer

Smooth Operation

Our goal is to make crane operation smoother and safer.

Camera Systems Support The Latest Technology

Camera systems are developed and assembled in Finland. Development is done in cooperation with system users. Camera systems enable working efficiently and safely with contemporary tools. A Camera system comprises one Full HD (minimum: 1920×1080) camera with zoom. Camera rotation enables viewing of the whole construction site. For planning to move cranes to another location or unloading trucks. With one or more additional cameras in a system, a second camera can be attached to the crane’s intermediate beam when the depth of the load is to be observed. Smart winch cameras with alerts can help users to detect which winch moves and when. Camera’s automatic infrared LEDs provide visibility in the dark and the camera allows working in sub-zero temperatures.

Sharp Camera View

The Full HD camera gives a good and clear view of the lifting object.


The cameras can be easily moved to different locations or from one crane to another, which allows the camera to be used at full capacity.

View Angle Rotation

The camera's built-in technology allows the camera to be rotated from the cab, allowing the camera view from multiple angles.

Quick Installation

Initialization takes about 30 mins to two hours depending on the crane.


The camera image can be recorded for site follow up or security purposes


The video is sent wirelessly from the camera to the user’s tablet computer via WiFi. No additional receiving devices or cables are needed.

Additional Cameras

Additional cameras are available for the systems, for example to see the depth movement of the load, a reversing camera or for site monitoring needs.

Split Screen

The split screen allows multiple camera views simultaneously.

Year-round Use

Camera’s automatic infrared LEDs provide visibility in the dark and the camera allows working in sub-zero temperatures.

Product Guarantee

Altacam camera systems have a 100% product guarantee.



Easily movable Beam camera system is suitable for mobile and crawler cranes and luffing tower cranes and material handlers in ports.


The camera system developed for tower cranes includes a camera unit and a display monitor.


The magnetically attached Hoist camera can be used on the hoists of various machines and cranes.


The additional camera works as a view of the depth movement of the load or as a reversing camera.


An additional antenna package when additional point to route video stream behind obstacles like roof or wall of the building is needed.


Increased efficiency in camera control is achieved by using the optional foot pedal and joystick control.


The various applications of the camera system cover the most common cranes, such as mobile cranes, telescopic handlers, material handlers and tower cranes.

User Collaboration In Camera Systems Development

We are constantly developing camera systems in cooperation with customers and users. Existing systems can be customized as needed for applications that require special solutions. Our goal is to create new tools to support smooth and safe crane operation.

A Carefree Use Of The Camera System

We aim to make the use and maintenance of the camera system as easy as possible with the help of installation, technical support and maintenance services.  We also provide user training for the camera system. Product support will answer questions related to the use of the system quickly and reliably.

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