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Customized Camera Systems to suit specific needs – We develop custom-made camera systems for use that require special solutions and for which existing solutions are not suitable.

Development Work Brings Tangible Benefits To The End User

We constantly strive to develop new and improve existing products to suit new applications as technology evolves and new usage needs emerge. Our development work is comprehensive, as it covers equipment, electrification and cabling, mechanics, technology and software. It is important for a development project that the product or feature being developed is replicable and suitable for wide use so that it benefits the entire customer base. We test the products we develop with crane users, who provide the final and most important feedback on the usability of the products. The duration of the development work depends on the development site and the season, as it is important that the products have also been tested in winter use.  


Mapping out the necessary features.


Developing a camera system by utilizing existing components.


Testing the functionality on site and making the necessary adjustments.


Installing the ready to use camera systems in place.


Enabling Remote Viewing

At the request of our customers, we have done, among other things, a remote viewing where the crane camera video stream can be viewed remotely from the office or from anywhere in the world. The possibility of remote viewing, for example, for a site manager, allows monitoring of the progress of a site from aerial photographs without the work site being rolled over. The tower crane is also an excellent location for the site surveillance video surveillance system. The remote connection also allows extended maintenance and support, allowing us to configure and update the camera system remotely. 


Case Foot Pedal And Joystick

The foot pedal and joystick control were developed in cooperation with Alfab Service AB. The aim was to increase the usability and reliability of the control in crane work. A key part of the project was to find the right components with the necessary features and to create the technology that combines them to make the control look the way you want it to be. The product was tested both internally and by users. Testing provided important information to users on the final version of the product. The development project as a whole lasted about two months. Improved control allows the crane operator to focus on controlling the crane while controlling the camera with the foot pedal and joystick. This increases the smoothness and efficiency of lifting work.


Layout Tool For Tower Cranes

The tower crane layout tool was designed in collaboration with Lambertsson. The purpose of the tool is to save time and resources in site design and preparation by making the placement, assembly and transport of tower cranes as smooth as possible with the help of an automatic layout tool. The tool is in spreadsheet format in which the user enters necessary information such as the amounts, proportions and the positions of the crane in relation to each other. Based on the entered data, the program automatically generates 2D and 3D drawings and creates a list of required crane parts as well as logistics plans in DWG, DFX and PDF format. 


What kind of camera do you need?

We develop customized camera systems to meet the needs of the customer. 

Feel free to contact us and we will develop a camera solution that suits your needs.