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The versatile product range includes camera systems for tower cranes, crawler and mobile cranes, as well as material handlers and telescopic handlers.


The Beam camera system is developed for mobile and crawler cranes and material handlers in ports. The camera system can be installed where customers need it. The camera floats which means that it points towards the ground no matter what the position of the beam is. Power for the camera unit must be provided. 


The tilting and turning camera makes it possible to install it to the intermediate beams. This makes it easy to assess the elevation of the load. Initialization takes about 30 mins to two hours depending on the crane.


Tower is developed to be used in tower cranes. One of the great advantages with Tower is its simplicity. Camera system contains only two main components: 1. Display and 2. Camera case. From the display user can see the video stream of the camera and can control for example zoom function. Because the display works as a receiver there is no need for cabling receiver antenna. Camera case contains a camera, antenna, batteries and electric control devices. Camera case has only one external cable for charging batteries.


The possibility of remote viewing, for example, for a site manager, allows monitoring of the progress of a site from aerial photographs without the work site being rolled over. The tower crane is also an excellent location for the site video surveillance system.


Hoist includes one camera that is located in a case attached to the hoist with extremely strong magnets. Magnetic attachment allows the camera to be moved quickly from one machine to another. Hoist can be used on various machines and cranes. The video is sent wirelessly to the driver’s tablet computer. The only device inside the cabin is the tablet computer which ensures the simplicity of the system.

Additional Cameras

Additional cameras are available for our systems for various purposes, such as seeing the depth of the load, a reversing camera, or for site surveillance needs. The view of multiple cameras can be monitored simultaneously from a split screen, or the view of one camera at a time can be centered on the screen.

Additional Products

The camera system offers a wide range of additional devices and features. They allow the system to be supplemented to meet the needs of the user and the application in the best possible way. Additional products include an additional JIB antenna package that improves the video image connection in demanding conditions, additional cameras, a site progress monitoring system and a video surveillance system for the site area.

Wireless JIB-Package

Antenna package when needed additional points to route video stream behind obstacles like the roof or wall of the building. Example when using an extension beam in angle.

Foot Pedal And Joystick

Increased efficiency in camera control is achieved by using the optional foot pedal and joystick control. The driver can zoom with the pedal and turn the camera effortlessly with the joystick.

Winch Camera Smart

When you want to know which winch rotates and when. The user receives a visual and audible alarm when one or more winches start rotating. The moving object is displayed inside the square. Auto zoom for a moving subject is possible.


Magnetic camera bag. Recommended for small cranes where a camera is not always needed. Suitable for small, for example, day-long construction sites. Can be removed and transferred to another machine quickly. Works as the Hoist camera.


Site video recording. Allows you to view the video image in the event of an accident or for commercial use. The video can be recorded via the Internet or locally.

Bigger Display

The default tablet computer included in most Altacam camera systems has a 10” display. Now we have an optional upgrade to a 12” display available. There is no difference in the user interface which is equally easy to use in both devices.

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